Doug E Rees



February 7th. House concert Westcliff Co.

February 10th. Arrowhead Moutain Lodge, Cimarron, Co

February 22nd. Stooges, Jackson Mo. with Mark Rees 7:30-9:30pm

February 23rd. Library in downtown Cape Girardeau, Mo. 6:pm

March 14th. Commadore Nashville Tn. 6:30 pm

March 15th. Blue Bird Cafe' Nashville, Tn. 6:pm

Saturday April 7th. 2018 Cape Girardeau Elks with Weird Uncles

Wednesday April 18th. Evangelines, St. Louis, Mo. 7:pm

Friday April 20th. Generations, Loudge Oelwein, Ia. 8:pm

Sunday April 22nd. 2018 Byrons, Pomeroy, IA.